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Into the learning zone

The Design Thinking Center offers you an environment to discover and nourish the right mindset for co-creating and developing effective insights and viable ideas. Our innovation lab annex experience center stimulates the senses, encourages change and promotes flexibility. Sliding and rolling walls make new rooms and reveal new possibilities. The moment you leave your comfort zone, we make sure you enter your learning zone. Our staff of skilled and experienced trainers and facilitators support you every step of the way.

Learn, remember, apply

The Design Thinking Center is a safe space, where you will immediately feel free to speak out, experiment, fail and start over again. Our learning methods focus on quick and compact lessons, easy to learn, remember and apply. For maximum effect, we use simple, tactile materials and tools as well as advanced, high-tech equipment. Whatever it takes to help you and your team discover your creative business potential.

Tough questions

At the Design Thinking Center, you will immediately feel at home and at ease. As this goes for our facilitators and trainers as well, they are not afraid to ask tough questions. Not to embarrass you (they won’t), but to enable you to reach higher.

Your approach

The Design Thinking Center does not only offer a fixed catalogue of workshops and training sessions. Every business, every organization and every team faces their own objectives and challenges. We like to address your issues instead of presenting you a list of ours. Together with you we define and develop the approach and the support that suits your business, your ambitions and the characters you bring along.

Our open trainings
Check the agenda for dates.

  • 2-day Design Thinking Essential training
  • 2-day Design Thinking & Play 
  • 2-day Design Thinking & Sustainability workshop
  • 2-day Design Thinking in Sales workshop
  • 2-day Service Design Thinking Facilitation training
  • 2-day Employee Experience Training
  • 1 day Training the Trainer

Our other formats

  • 1/2 day Inspiration workshop
  • 1 day Co-creation for Innovation workshop
  • 1 day Live Wire framing Workshop
  • 24 hour Hackathon
  • 3 day Innovation Jam
  • 5 day Design Sprint
  • 2 day How to Work with Personas training
  • Deep dive training in tools like Service Blueprinting, Customer Journey Mapping, Persona Mapping and Visual Thinking

Get in touch to find out what your workshop could look like. We also offer longer term training to implement Design Thinking in an organization. Send a request if you wish to receive more information on the trainings and formats.

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