Design your employee experience, attract and retain talent


Happy employees equal a healthy business, how do you keep your employees happy and mobile. Especially since the current employment market seems to move faster than ever. Understanding what employees with all their needs want and motivates help you to invest in the things they really want and need. But instead of just providing that constant, costly safety net we will challenge you to become their trampoline. Where an employee can sink into to seek help but is also lifted off from to be productive again.

Learning objective

During the training you will learn how to use Design Thinking tools to re-design the HR/Employee relation in such a way that they feel recognized, motivated and engaged.

Next, the training will focus on identifying the personas of the organisation and how to support these throughout the HR cycle and how to add value for both the persona and the company.

Best suited to

People engaged with employee development, HR employees that want to know about how Design Thinking can be used to work inside the organisations.

Way of learning

We believe in the direct application of what we teach. For this reason, we give a short introduction and start practising immediately. During the exercises we discuss what you encounter and, as a group, learn from it. During the day you will be working in groups where you can learn from employee minded people from other companies. This allows you to gain new insights and find common ground. Next to the hands-on group exercises, we will give plenary explanations of theory and tangible examples. Every step will follow with a group evaluation to exchange thoughts.

Level of expertise

Competent/expert HR and talent managers

Key takeaways

Knowledge of Tools and how to apply and how to adjust to make it fit for your purpose.

Program overview

Day 1:  

  • Introduction to Design Thinking and the case
  • Creating Context Map
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Persona definition19
  • Journey Mapping

Day 2:

  • Recap of day 1
  • Areas of opportunity
  • Ideation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Pitch


English or Dutch

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18th & 19th of March


Design Thinking Center Amsterdam


Dutch or English


Dirk Jan Plender (Change and Design Thinking Consultant bij Design Thinking Center)

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