Facilitating Human Centric workshops


Facilitation is about to unlock the potential of the group

Are you looking at how you can have an even greater impact on your group? Then this training is right up your alley. During this training, you will learn how to balance between the content and the emotional side/ energy level of the group. In 2 days, we give you a (refresher) course how to handle group dynamics (e.g. dealing with resistance, energy level,) and a number of practical skills that you can immediately apply. We use a number of Design Thinking tools to practice these skills. Crafting an agenda for and facilitating a workshop will never be the same!

Learning objective

At the end of this training you have learned:

  • How to deal with different types of participants
  • How to deal with resistance during a workshop
  • How you can balance between content and energy

Best suited to

(experienced) trainers. It is advisable to have already done a number of workshops so you can put the content in perspective.

Way of learning

We believe in the direct application of what we teach. For this reason, we give a short introduction and start practising immediately. During the exercises, we discuss what you encounter and learn from it.

 Level of expertise

Competent / expert facilitators

Key takeaways

You learned:

  • how to keep the training/ workshop energetic
  • how to set the correct (and achievable) outcome of the workshop
  • how you design a workshop in such a way that you gain the preferred outcome
  • how to ensure that the desired outcome is also feasible
  • how to deal with resistance in the group

Program overview

Day 1

  • Introduction of Facilitating How do you start a workshop?
  • What do you do for it?
  • Forms of Introduction
  • Energy management during training/ workshop
  • Group dynamics
  • Dealing with Archetypes
  • Intervention levels

Day 2

  • Wrap up of day 1 + question & answer
  • Facilitate / Train with Design Thinking Tools:
  • Creating Design Challenge Customer Journey,
  • Brainstorming,


English or Dutch

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25th & 26th of March


Design Thinking Center Eindhoven (HTC27)


Dutch or English


Dirk Jan Plender (Change and Design Thinking Consultant bij Design Thinking Center)

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