Employee Experience Training

A 2-day training on the latest insights and best practices on how Design Thinking can create value to your HR management. You learn how you can develop employee focussed vision for HR or to create employee engagement.

During the training you will learn how to use Design Thinking to innovate in HR and create an organization human centred, where people feel recognized, motivated and engaged. Next, the training will focus on identifying the priority personas (e.g., a manager, a newly recruit, an experienced hire, etc.) and design HR policies and tools from the lens of these personas. The last part of the training will focus on conducting a focused research within your organization to gather important insights, such as empathic interviews, focus groups or employee’s satisfaction surveys. Identify the moments that matter to the employee’s, and create rewarding journey maps of their employment experience.

Learning objective:
– Experience the added value of applying Employee Experience Thinking to your organisation.
– How you can develop employee focussed vision for HR or te create employee engagement.

Best suited to:
People engaged with employee development that want to know about Design Thinking.

Way of learning:
Group learning + learning by doing. After a short introduction you will put to work. We evaluate after every step.

Level of expertise:

Key takeaways:
Knowledge of Tools and how to apply and how to adjust to make it fit for your purpose.




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