Digital Customer Journey Mapping

Everything you have always wanted to know about the customer journey. What is the difference between customer journey mapping and blueprint? How can you visualize and share your mappings online and offline? In this ‘learning-by-doing’ 1-day course we will show you how to use the customer journey mapping template and the possibilities of digital documentation with programms like Axure, Smaply, … to take the next step.


What is a customer journey, how is it used, what is the relation with Service Design Thinking and tools like stakeholder mapping and persona? We will discuss how you can use the customer journey in the qualitative design research fase, what the relation to a service design blueprint is and how to use it to brief your team, or to validate the outcomes with real clients.

Learning by doing: offline and low tech

The best way to start a customer journey is with low tech material like post-it, using a the customer journey canvas and building it up layer by layer. You start with the bigger frame and step-by-step we enrich the journey with touchpoints, context, and customer jobs until we have a look at the organisation behind the touchpoints. We discuss how to proceed with cusomers’ (latent) needs and insights, the emotional journey and areas of opportunity. You will do this hands-on and in groups with the focus on learning by doing. You will encounter different ways of doing a customer journey and learn from mistakes, or things that don’t work for you yet.

Learning by doing: digital & online

The biggest question after a great workshop with engaged participants is how can we proceed quickly and efficiently to start working on the next steps? How to share the outcomes with the team or to validate them with your customers or users. We show you our best practices and tools. In this part of the workshop you can still work in groups, use one of the four enormous touchscreens, or use your own laptop to practice some visualizations.

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