Design Thinking Essentials


How do you ensure that what you design or create (whether it is a process, product or service) really contributes to your customer? What tools do you need to take a first step in discovering the latent need of this client? If you are looking for a practical, human-centered way of thinking, working and innovating, Design Thinking can help. Curious what Design Thinking can do for you? Apply for the training Design Thinking Essentials in our Design Thinking Center.

This training offers you an introduction to the essentials of Design Thinking way of thinking and doing, is practical and immediately applicable within your own working environment. We do not believe in teaching Design Thinking only through presentations and speaking about it. Sitting still for a long time and listening to an explanation is informative but more in discovering the tools by using them you make your own.

We will start working on a concrete case and tell our ‘war stories’ about how we apply the tools and techniques to our customers throughout the training. Tools that will certainly come along during these days are Stakeholder Mapping, Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Scenario Mapping and Prototyping.

Learning objective

During the training, we will tell you about the background and ‘mindset’ of Design Thinking. This way we create a conceptual framework within we place the tools and appoint how they relate

Best suited to

Anyone who wants to learn how to work with Design Thinking tools and explore what Design Thinking can do for you.

Way of learning

We use a wicked problem to discover and apply the most important tools and skills necessary to build a first solution/prototype. This problem may come from the group or is suggested by the trainers. We believe in the direct application of what we tell. For this reason, we give a short introduction and start practising immediately. During the exercises, we discuss what you encounter and learn from it.

Level of expertise

Novice/ Advanced beginner

Key takeaways

Naturally, the training is directly applicable in your own work environment. All tools used are available for the participants after the training and can be used free of charge.

Program overview

Day 1: Doing the right things

  • Introduction Design Thinking + Double Diamond
  • Working with the tools: Stakeholder folder, Value mapping, Quick Profile, Customer Journey,

Day 2: Doing things right

  • Wrap up of day 1 + question & answer
  • Working with Customer Journey,
  • Brainstorming,
  • Creating a prototype and presenting.


English or Dutch

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13th and 14th of January 2020


Design Thinking Center Eindhoven (HTC27)


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