Design Thinking & Business Architecture

“Design Thinking” is a mindset with certain techniques and tools that match the challenges of the current business architect: they are iterative, holistic, customer-centric and well-matched with agile and lean startup. They complement the toolbox for the architects who face new challenges. During the training you will experience the effects of Design Thinking by applying and testing a selection of techniques. The track was developed by the Design Thinking Center Amsterdam in collaboration with Solventa.

The track presents a number of Design Thinking techniques, such as persona, value network mapping, customer journey mapping, ideation and prototyping. The location of the  training is the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam, where a wide range of resources are available that are specifically designed to develop a design thinking mindset. After an introduction to design thinking, service design and the Design Thinking Center, the participant is accompanied in applying the techniques in groups using cases. Each technique is introduced with theory and guidelines, followed by practice exercises. The training has three themes: experience, creativity and agility. Each day will focus on one of the three themes. In addition to cases, examples will also be used from music, art and design.

  1. Experience. More experience than structure, more business than model. Stakeholder Map, Customer Journey, Persona.
  2. Creativity. More creativity than standardisation, more idea than protocol. Areas of Opportunity, Ideation.
  3. Agility. More process than deliverable (panta rei), more flux than matter. Rapid Prototyping, Music Thinking, Value Network Mapping.





[PAST EVENT] 27 sept - 4 okt - 11 okt


Design Thinking Center Amsterdam




Alcedo Coenen and Christof Zürn


Early Bird Ticket Price € 1.995,= until July 14th 2017, Regular Ticket Price € 2.195,= (including lunch, snacks and drinks)*. Discounts available for teams signing up or NGO’s.