DTC summer school: Crafting the right question

Every problem has the possibility to create an innovative solution within. By using the frame ‘How Might We’ you give yourself the opportunity to think lateral, holistic and explore new perspectives on how to solve the problem. This workshop will focus on how a well-framed design challenge is formulated and how this helps you in your projects. 


This afternoon program brings you the latest best practice on how to co-create value with your customers and develop new business opportunities.  

High-Level agenda:

  • Introduction into How Might We/ Incisive-questions
  • Work the question
  • Iterate and expand the question


You will leave the afternoon with a sharp question and perhaps even a brief to take forward after the summer.  


Best suited to:
Everyone who wants to deep-dive in the most essential part of the Design Thinking process

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24th of July 13:00 - 17:00


Design Thinking Center Amsterdam




Nina Pennock

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225 euro