DTC summer school: Co-create to find real challenges

How do you empower all your team members to participate and let them bring in their perspective for new ideas or issues? Join us on a 4 hour journey to experience how to use co-creation to blend the ideas from direct customers or viewers to create new ideas for your organisation.


This afternoon program brings you the latest best practice on how to co-create value with your customers and develop new business opportunities.  

High Level agenda:

  • Co-creation introduction.
  • Different tools to trigger co-creation
  • Practise with the tools

You will leave the afternoon with a skillset to apply when collaborating and co-creating with the aim to have clearer and more creative results.

Best suited to:
Those who collaborate often or wish to collaborate more effectively and want to get inspire in different ways of co-creation with colleagues.

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7th of August 13:00 - 17:00


Design Thinking Center Amsterdam




Ilka Tuinstra

Number of participants



225 euro