People Ambition text writing

The Challenge
How might we write a people ambition (a vision on the employee) that matches the new bank strategy?

‘The people ambition’ had to be written. A core team, nine people from various HR backgrounds stood up to create a vision on the employee text as a response to the new bank strategy. How about the employees? Timing: a pressure cooker. We had three days together in 3 weeks to create not just the vision text but also an action plan.

I cannot say anything about what was discussed. But at all times we played with two hats: the role of the bank and the role of the employee. We went through 7 versions in two days, and from a text of 500 words to a text of 170 words on day 2. How? Well, review groups were welcomed to join and co-create the vision with us. Group one collaboratively rewrote parts of the text and the second group joined in an ideation session with 28 people where organization wide thoughts were collected and discussed.

Over the course of 2,5 weeks, between day 2 and 3, the core team wrote an action perspective describing new ways of working around 7 different subjects. The action perspective was written in collaboration with the subject specific stakeholders that had to have a say in the needed changes. While responding to the actions they also reviewed version 7 of the ambition text. This together resulted in a great review day, day 3 where we started with a ‘people ambition text’, and seven sub texts around the different subjects.

Day three was the grand finale, we used The World Café method to get an organization wide buy-in. From IT to Innovation people were invited to go in conversation with us. In three rounds of the cafe we discussed the seven topics and a great variety of additions, perspectives, input and disproofs were shared. This means that the texts have been enriched and optimized once again. Present at The World Café was a graphic facilitator who noted down the summary of the conversations. Amazing work output and great co-creation.

All this time I was not a consultant but a facilitator to support the process of writing a vision and action perspective. It was great to become part of the team and purely focus on the total process. Using various Service Design tools to help the team think with different thinking hats on, with various perspectives and create a sense of shared ownership in the business. The fact that this text is written with so many people was seen in the board of the bank, hence the reason they are adopting the text as part of their strategy.

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