Design Thinking Center Agenda




Design Thinking Fundamentals [Sold Out]

[English] Day to day, customers are being confronted with a large amount of possibilities and choices in which everything seems to be possible. As a result, when customers are searching for a product or service, they expect products that fit their personal needs perfectly. These expectations require a new way of designing products and services.
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Design Thinking & Play

[English] What happens when you combine two of the most influential and creative approaches of the 21st century to business and innovation?

Welcome to a tactile approach to Design Thinking. A unique 2-day interactive training, combining and sharing the basics of Design Thinking & Lego® Serious Play® - creating a truly hands-on and tactile approach to Design Thinking.
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Design Thinking Fundamentals Cursus

2-Daagse Design Thinking Fundamentals Cursus

[Dutch] Een interactieve 2-daagse training waarin je in aanraking komt met de principes rondom Design Thinking. Zowel een hands-on aanpak, methodologie en terminologie komen te pas. Wij geloven dat je het beste in aanraking kunt komen met deze stof door 'learning by doing'.

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DT Data Storytelling With Personas

2-daagse Data Storytelling Workshop

[Dutch] Het fenomeen persona's is al enige jaren bekend en wordt bij een groot aantal bedrijven succesvol als design tool en beslissingsinstrument ingezet. Zeker door de nieuwe ontwikkelingen in user centered design en de opkomst van service design zijn persona's steeds populairder.

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DT Digital Customer Journey

1 Day Digital Customer Journey Mapping

[English and/or Dutch] Everything you always wanted to know about the customer journey. What's the difference between customery journey mapping and blueprint? How can you visualize and share your mappings offline and online?

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