Design Thinking Center Agenda



Design Thinking & Business Architecture

3-Day Workshop on Design Thinking & Business Architecture

"Design Thinking" is a mindset with certain techniques and tools that match the challenges of the current business architect: they are iterative, holistic, customer-centric and well-matched with agile and lean startup. They complement the toolbox for the architects who face new challenges. During the training you will experience the effects of Design Thinking by applying and testing a selection of techniques. The track was developed by the Design Thinking Center Amsterdam in collaboration with Solventa.

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Design Thinking Fundamentals Course

2-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals Course

[Dutch] An interactive two-day training in which you get acquainted with the principles of Design Thinking, both hands-on and tools, as well as methodology and terminology. We believe that getting acquainted with this material is best through 'learning by doing'.

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DT Data Storytelling With Personas

Hoe maak ik persona's? 2-daagse data storytelling workshop

[Dutch] Het fenomeen persona's is al enige jaren bekend en wordt bij een groot aantal bedrijven succesvol als design tool en beslissingsinstrument ingezet. Zeker door de nieuwe ontwikkelingen in user centered design en de opkomst van service design zijn persona's steeds populairder.

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DT Digital Customer Journey

1 Day Digital Customer Journey Mapping

[English and/or Dutch] Everything you always wanted to know about the customer journey. What's the difference between customery journey mapping and blueprint? How can you visualize and share your mappings offline and online?

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