Take on any business challenge

Innovative power is not the exclusive domain of a few geniuses. If you are willing to open up to other people’s insights and ideas and ready to imagine someone else’s point of view, you already have the right mindset to take on any challenge. Creative thinking is not a rare talent or an exclusive quality. In our view, creativity is a choice. Through the power of co-creation, added to a people-driven approach, we enable even the most traditional thinker to come up with innovative and groundbreaking ideas. By using a Service Design Thinking mindset and methods, you learn to recognize the (latent) needs of your target group and develop solutions based on these needs, resulting in purposeful business models.

A space for design thinking

Although design thinking is all about the force of imaginative and innovative thinking, once we get started it all gets very tangible. The actual space where you will learn, try, experiment, adjust and experience is one of our main tools in the process. It is a safe space where we will challenge you -and help you- to step out of your comfort zone. In here, high tech meets high touch. Varying from paper and scissors to touch screens with advanced software, whatever equipment and materials it takes to spark your creativity, we will apply it.

Different challenges, different people

Every business and every team requires a specific approach and a specific process. How it’s done, is largely up to you. Once you share your challenges and business needs with us, we will be able to select the right means, methods and people in order to enable you to find the right solutions. Our trainers and facilitators will be there to guide you and encourage you. During the training, but afterwards as well.

Design thinking – the characteristics

Get to the heart of the matter

Instead of assuming, start exploring, evaluating and amending.

Change the angle

Instead of focusing on the product, think of the impact you’d like to make.

Put people first

Instead of worrying about skills or time or money or quality, begin with the needs, desires and experiences of your end user. 

Think collectively

Instead of circling around your own expertise, take advantage of the talents that surround you.

Challenge yourself and your team

Instead of fearing failure, choose new roads, dare to stumble and try to create.

Come together 

Instead of doing it alone, look for collaboration between all stakeholders.

Do it again

Instead of being satisfied with what you’ve learned, keep measuring, discovering, finding and improving.

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We believe in the innovative power of co-creation and design. This includes the belief that having a designer or another creative mind approach a challenge can be a method for finding new solutions. If you can solve a problem or deliver an added value for one party, there will always be a business model behind it. We stand by the approach of using a creative space and Design Thinking mindset to co-create, resulting in the generation and nurture of new, innovative, and relevant solutions, products, and services.