A HUUS for Hogeschool Utrecht

In addition to the many training courses we give in a business context, earlier this year we welcomed a group of 40 third-year students of Facility Management of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU). In the context of their semester, they followed a two-day Design Thinking Fundamentals training that kick-starts their projects.

The design challenge at hand was; “Students should experience more service from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, at less cost for the school. This leaves more money for education. How might we transform this statement into a design challenge?” The target group for this challenge was the first year student at the HU.

Receive training on the basis of a specific question and develop a feeling for new tool is a very good combination. Students/participants see immediately how the new Design Thinking mindset can be applied in their own work(environment) and the value added to the product/process.

The students worked hard to get from the first idea to a concrete prototype.  They went to a process of a first glimpse of the stakeholders and their influence, quick profiles to making an inspiring journey with well-formulated questions. Working together, stretching, getting energy, debating, shaping, presenting and the process facilitation from the DTC turned out to be the ingredients to come up with concrete and refreshing solutions. New survey machines on the toilets, the HUUS, the silence cabin are just a few of the ideas that have been conceived, worked out and prototyped in the two days.

Alright, and then? The prototypes that were created at the end of the training are evolved, at the end of the session block (20 weeks later), into real and tangible products. We received the photos from one of the groups: Het HUUS.

The HUUS was developed by and placed in the Hogeschool Utrecht this summer. A meeting place for students who want to study together, ask a question and exchange information between the different grades. Our compliments to the team that realized this! We are secretly proud that this idea originated in our Design Thinking Center.

We are looking forward to receiving a new group of students in February next year and combine our training with their a concrete challenge to produce a stiff learning curve and concrete/innovative solution.