Design Thinking Center Amsterdam

A unique place to think, do, learn, co-create and design smart solutions


The Design Thinking Center is a unique combination of an innovation lab and an experience center. It is designed for innovation, change and flexibility. Nearly all the walls can be moved and openend to create new rooms and reveal new possibilities of co-creation in small or bigger groups. The highly experienced trainers and facilitators will lead you through the design thinking process with clear steps, smart and creative tools. In addition to low fidelity material like post-it, Lego, brown paper and scissors we can also do rapid digital prototyping on four big touch screens with advanced software. 

Still, it involves more than just following a procedure; above all it’s a mindset to leave the 'comfort zone' and enter the 'learning zone' with the customer in mind. A way of thinking and doing that we can help you to develop in a secure, playful and inspiring environment. If you want, we’ll guide you along the way in our Design Thinking Center and, afterwards, in your business



Unique partnership for sustainable business

November 25th by Patricia Bosgraaf

The Design Thinking Center and Plastic Whale join forces to help customers in achieving sustainability objectives. Things that might seem worthless on the one side, can be key to a new business model. The Design Thinking Center facilitates this search for creative and innovative solutions.

Come work with us

Currently we are looking for a content marketer and there are three interns.